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Who benefits?

Everyone. With HelixSense, there is no single winner. The entire eco-system of stakeholders will benefit from our intelligent data-driven process. HelixSense provides predictive and collaborative analytics, which kick starts a cultural shift to reduce the ‘silo effect’ between departments, and even suppliers. Engineering, finance, planning, operations, maintenance, and leadership will all benefit from the HelixSense disruption.

The Six Pillars of HelixSense

HelixSense solves very complex organizational problems. To outline the overall functionality of HelixSense, we can break it down into six key foundation blocks. Combined, these six pillars coexist together to represent the essence of HelixSense. The six HelixSense Pillars are Preventive Maintenance, Enterprise Asset Management, Predictive Maintenance, Self-Reporting Assets, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Twin.

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Preventive Maintenance

HelixSense regularly checks asset performance and health, allowing you to service equipment before it affects other assets or results in a failure. The HelixSense platform contains an active maintenance log, recording when the last service occurred, and when the next one is due.

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Enterprise Asset Management

HelixSense provides a holistic view of all the physical assets and infrastructure components in an organization’s eco-system. Using both historical and real-time analytics, HelixSense closely monitors the entire asset lifecycle from design, commission, or procurement, through to operation, maintenance, disposal, and replacement. HelixSense adds collaboration and predictability to your asset management strategy.

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Predictive Maintenance

HelixSense uses condition-monitoring sensors to monitor performance baselines of equipment during normal operation. The data is collected and analyzed to highlight potential defects and mitigate them before the equipment fails. Baseline performance data is used to predict future outages, pinpoint inefficiencies, and to suggest when maintenance should be performed.

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Self-Reporting Assets

HelixSense converts your eco-system into a smart workplace, powered by a connection of networked platforms, software, IoT technologies, and sensors. Our smart methods of gathering data proactively pull information from assets and push it at the stakeholders who need to see it most.

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Artificial Intelligence

HelixSense leverages Artificial Intelligence to rapidly solve the complex problems that lead to operational inefficiencies. Organizations can reduce the need for repairs and replacements by intelligently identifying correlations between existing performance and potential malfunctions.

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Digital Twin

HelixSense constructs a virtual copy of your eco-system to facilitate a greater degree of efficiency and accuracy in facility and asset management. Digital twin technology has been instrumental in improving the way organizations and their systems operate, as well as in creating new opportunities for planning and growth.

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